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The 3 C’s of Voice Acting in the Age of AI: Consent, Control & Compensation

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Our interview with voice actress, and artist advocate Carin Gilfry digs into the three C’s of AI & Voice Acting: Consent, Control & Compensation in the Age of AI in Hollywood and beyond.

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Guest Bio

Carin Gilfry, a voice actress, singer and producer with credits ranging from commercials for CVS, Citibank and Fedex, to voice over for games, animation, audiobooks, TV, promo, instructional videos…basically every major category of voice over work. Carin is a classically trained vocalist with a Master of Music degree from the Juilliard School, and earlier in her career, Carin sang opera professionally for the LA Opera, New York City Opera, and the Phoenix Symphony, among others. Most recently, Carin is a founding member of the National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA), a nonprofit advocacy group for voice performers, and she also co-hosts the Vocation Conference, which is a leading event for the voiceover industry.