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Morning Session

10am - 1pm

March 26, 2024

Afternoon Session

2pm - 5pm

Human Language is a Programming Language:

AI for Podcasters and Creators!

Learn how to integrate the newest AI tools into your podcast workflow

A Podcast Movement Pre-Event Seminar J.W. Marriot at L.A. Live


Take your process from this:

To This:

Are you a creative looking to get ahead of the curve with generative AI?

Whether it’s podcasts TV, film, video games, or immersive storytelling, generative AI is changing the industry. Generative AI can 10x your creative capacity, optimizing workflows, changing your approach to storytelling, the creative process and content production.

Join us March 26, 2024 in Los Angeles, CA at the J.W. Marriot Hotel at L.A. Live! for Human Language is a Programming Language: AI for Podcasters and Creators.

This 3 hour generative AI workshop makes the creative process easier for newcomers, faster for professionals, and better for executives who must navigate a new landscape. Led by award-winning podcaster and AI expert John Gauntt, you'll receive hands-on training to enhance your storytelling and technical skills.

No prior AI skills are required. AI tools and prompting templates will be provided during the course.

Skill Takeaways:

- How to effectively utilize prompts with AI tools to generate ideas, write scripts, and plan creative projects

- How to develop better storyboards and pitch ideas using AI

- Advanced sound editing, vocal generation, and workflow optimization with AI

AI is changing storytelling. Join us as we show new ways to make compelling content faster than ever.

Spaces are limited. Sign up today to unlock AI's power to take your podcast into new territory.

Meet your instructor:

John Gauntt is founder of Culture & Code, a B2B podcast & newsletter focused on Generative Artificial Intelligence for Creative Professionals. John’s analysis of the impact of digital technology on media and marketing have been featured in The Economist, GigaOm, eMarketer while his speaking credits include SXSW, Infinity Festival Hollywood, and the Monaco Media Forum. John holds degrees in Computer Information Systems from The London School of Economics, and English Literature from The University of Tennessee. In 2019, he earned an executive certificate in technology management and leadership from MIT Sloan School in partnership with the MIT Computer Science & AI Laboratory (CSAIL).

Morning Session

10am - 1pm

Afternoon Session

2pm - 5pm

Case Study: A Tale of Two Videos

We used the same budget to produce two videos, a year apart. AI’s evolution in that one year gave us two wildly different outcomes – 5x the length, substantial increases in artistic complexity and refinement, headcount increase from three to eight. This is what AI offers, increases in productivity, the option to collaborate credibly across a wider range of disciplines, cleaner results and a greater impact on the storytelling ability



Pain Points:

How Podcasters are using AI to Supercharge Their Workflow

Audio Quality

The ability to clean up your audio, remove the background noise, clean up the ums and ahs, has never been easier. We use Adobe’s Speech Enhancer but the list of options is expanding at a breakneck pace. You can check out other options here:


What can we really say here? Descript is king. But competitors, including Adobe Podcast Studio, are releasing tools to help editors get through their workload faster.

Social Media Content

What? You don’t like having to spend hours creating social media posts? Oh, well, there are a bunch of AI options to give you a hand. We use CastMagic, but there are (probably) dozens of alternatives to compose that perfect X/IG/TikTok copy. Likewise, there are a number of companies that can help you generate the right hashtags to give your posts visibility.

Clipping Video Shorts is our current favorite solution to the clipping challenge. In addition to the easy editing functionality, they give you a ton of visual and audio options to enhance your shorts, including music, video stock for b-roll, auto-captioning, graphic templates and a lot of other stuff. You can see an example workflow here.

Show Notes & Transcripts

Show notes, outtakes, follow-up questions, transcripts, timestamps, social media posts…any number of platforms can take in your audio and return pages of additional content to save you time and generate content. We use CastMagic at the moment, and it’s quite useful. 


There’s a whole world out there that doesn’t speak English. That doesn’t mean they should be deprived of your podcast. Localization services provide translations services, that in some cases, not only translate your content into any number of languages, but can do it in your voice! Right now, our current favorite is, but there are a growing number of platforms that will do this.


We get it, creating an endless stream of graphics can get creatively and mentally taxing. But that’s where text-to-image generators come in. While there are almost as many options as there are ChatGPT alternatives, we recommend Adobe Firefly, because they offer models trained on paid content, they indemnify you from legal issues, and quite frankly, we use Adobe for a lot of things, and having an option in our existing ecosystem is kinda nice.

Sample Workflow: A look at how we use AI to streamline and simplify our production process

We start with our raw audio.

That audio gets fed into Descript where we edit for content. We’re usually cutting 45-60 mins. down to ~30 mins.

From there the audio gets a once over in Audition to run some basic vocal chains (FX like EQ, compression, and leveling) and any small bits Descript might have missed.

Next it gets plugged into Adobe Speech Enhancer. Unlike most AI tools which will do 80% of the work and leave 20% for the human touch, with audio clean up, it’s best to get it as close as you can to where you want it, and let AI smooth the edges.

The edited, cleaned up audio then goes into CastMagic for transcripting, social media posts, show notes and outtakes.

The edited video then goes into Veed, for clipping and video production. 

We create cover photos for the webpage of each episode using image generation. 

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