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What We Can Do For You!

Culture & Code is more than a podcast and a newsletter. We’re a full service consulting agency specializing in Generative AI, podcast production and education services.

AI & Your Business: Navigating Change

The onset of AI, whether it’s generative tools, chatbots, GPTs, LoRAs, LLMs or Prompt Engineering, can be daunting for any business and any creator.

What is all this stuff? How do I use it to save money and time? Am I about to lose my job? How do I deploy it ethically?

Culture & Code can help you navigate the sea change. From identifying how AI can help you, how it fits best in your workflow, how it can save time and money, and how to futureproof your toolbox so it doesn’t replace you.

Just as importantly, we can help you avoid the challenges that come with new capabilities. What to avoid, what to take into consideration, and how to deploy AI with ethical, legal and technical surety.

Podcast Development, Production & Management

Over the past seven years, Culture & Code has produced hundreds of shows, and our staff have produced several thousand episodes, earning numerous awards and appearances at events like SXSW, Podcast Movement Evolutions and the Infinity Festival. 

We can take you from concept to finished product, including production process, technical and creative considerations, equipment setups for a range of spaces, backend infrastructure, training in-house production staff and more.

Consumer and Business Education

We offer a number of options for individuals and businesses to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing creative and business environment. 

Our seminars, both virtual and online, tackle specific challenges and help attendees expand their skillsets, whether as an individual, a small team, or as part of a larger organization. 

We tailor our presentations to your needs, helping you develop the processes, skills, and management know-how to save time, save money and supercharge your development and production.

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