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The 25th Hour: Mobility, AI & Storytelling

Media for AVs

Produced in conjunction with our appearance at SXSW, this series introduces how media and entertainment are likely to evolve for new mobility. The age of the individual car is slowly but surely giving way to something different as more people use their smartphones to access transportation services on demand. Some call it the passenger economy. We call it the next great living room for storytelling. Whether in shared or even autonomous vehicles, the clear trend is that the future will have more passengers and fewer drivers. So what happens to that extra slice of prime time, the 25th hour of the day?

  • Part one explores the car as the next interactive media platform.
  • Part two deals with how our new environment is going to shape the content we consume.
  • Part three examines what storytelling for autonomous mobility might look like when we have freedom of attention and a captive audience on the road.

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