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The Producer’s Journey: Stewart Lyons on Navigating Change

Stewart Lyons for web

Culture & Code speaks with Stewart Lyons, an Emmy Award winning television producer for smash hits like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. We discuss the Hollywood strike, AI in entertainment, and possible directions for creative work transformed by technology.

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Guest Bio

Stewart is a Co-Executive Producer, Line Producer, Director, Writer, Unit Production Manager and Production Executive who has worked on projects with Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Brothers, Amazon, Starz, Apple, HBO, FX, AMC, as well as all three broadcast networks. He has credits on over 600 episodes of television including 33 series and 29 pilots (21 ordered to series). His most recent projects include The Cleaning Lady, Roswell NM, Snowfall, and Better Call Saul (Pilot and Season 1). Stewart worked on the pilot and every episode of Breaking Bad, the highest critically reviewed series in television history. For this work, he received two Emmys, and additional awards from the Directors Guild, Producers Guild, as well as two Peabody Adwards and a Golden Globe among many other honors. Previously Stewart was Director, Original Series Production, for Netflix and was part of the team supervising Messiah, Dear White People, Godless, She’s Gotta Have It, and Santa Clarita Diet. He has analyzed and consulted on over 200 pilots and television series projects for streaming, cable, and broadcast companies on projects in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and Hong Kong. He has lectured at over two dozen universities and colleges, including DePaul, USC, Chapman, UCLA, Northwestern, NYU, and the University of Stuttgart. He is a member of the Directors Guild, Producers Guild, Writers Guild of America and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Emmy).