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Debra Williamson on Social Media, AI and the Future of Advertising & Marketing

C&C Debra Williamson Candid
This show is a conversation with Debra Aho Williamson, a research analyst and market influencer for the social media landscape at Insider Intelligence and eMarketer. Deborah played a pivotal role to shape the discourse around social media marketing, advertising and usage. Deborah and I will explore how AI is redefining the way marketing and advertising is conducted for social media. We’ll focus on meta as the primary lens because of its size and influence on the industry, but AI’s implications for social media marketing and advertising go well beyond a single company to include popular culture and government policy itself.

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Guest Bio

Debra is the founder of Sonata Insights (, a custom research and advisory service focused at the intersection of social media and AI. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English (with distinction) and a Bachelor of Music in Oboe Performance from Northwestern University. Debra resides in Seattle.